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Working from home is something most of us have desired at one time or another, and our thoughts turn to this desire more often than not when we are stuck in traffic, somewhere between home and work. Many more of us have even taken that initial step of going online to seriously seek out information on using the Internet to start up a business. Usually this results in either being frustrated due to the lack of, or being overwhelmed with the amount of information that is/is not available. This then makes it difficult to come to an informed decision on how we should proceed if we want to give birth to our desires. In the end many decide that it is too difficult and they continue with their daily 9 to 5 hours.Others however continue there research, forever gaining more and more knowledge on how to operate a business online without ever being able to quite understand where to start and how to start, so as to pursue the correct course of action on starting up there online business. They know it can be done as there are thousands of examples everywhere they look online. There are even those who do take the plunge and startup a business, but invariably fail due to various factors or short comings in there business plan.

It is true that many business skills gained in an ordinary business offline are naturally transferable to the online environment, but there are also those skills that are unique to the online environment, especially when it comes to marketing your business. Online marketing processes require special knowledge and even the way this knowledge is implemented can make or break your business. True their is much information on the Internet about online marketing, but cutting through all the floss to find what works is the key to success.The success of your business online, which means achieving a good turnover and profit, will depend very much on how well you learn the secrets or processes of those skills that are unique to the online business environment. If you learn and master these new skills then no matter who you are, whether this is your first business ever or your first business online, then you will have every reason to be successful.

The key to success is education, but not just anything you can lay your hands on. Ideally you need to find a comprehensive course that takes you right from the beginning basics all the way through to advanced strategies. An ideal course will cover researching your market, writing sales letters, the best website design (for sales), using search engines, drawing traffic (customers) to your website, how to source this traffic, how to build opt-in lists, email promotions, how to increase your income and profits etc: The course you undertake does need to be comprehensive, leaving nothing out, and ideally available as a hard copy so you have a ready reference that is easily available to refer to in the future.Roger Shirley

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You only need to have real success in a small number of traffic building areas to achieve a successful business online. It is a serious mistake to try to tackle too many things at once and find that you don’t do any of them properly or only half do them so you don’t find out if they could work.The real problem is that there are so very many ways of making contact with people via the Internet so it is easy to be tempted into trying everything. Even if you’ve got great products and a great website you’ve got to get traffic to that site.When I first started online, I signed up for one expensive video course which listed 17 main ways of generating traffic and went into considerable detail on most of them. The course instructor said that you should only select some of these and become an expert in them before moving on to others techniques.

Sound advice, but despite that I still tried as many as I could to find out what suited my style. Unfortunately, I didn’t even become a ‘Jack of All Trades’ because of insufficient technical knowledge. So I just kept spinning my wheels for months by trying one method and then another and then back to one I had tried before.Finally I decided to try to define what sort of traffic I really wanted when I eventually got some experience. I tried to identify what areas I should really be concentrating on given my lack of skill in such things as video marketing, which I was told is the big one for the future. Maybe it is, but it would be a good idea to catch up with the present first if you’re a beginner online!Obviously, having taken an ‘educated’ guess at the visitor profile I should be targeting, I was able to eliminate some of those 17 ways of generating traffic ether because they didn’t fit the profile I had thought up or because they were too difficult.By this time, I had virtually gone full circle with traffic methods but having done so I’ve come back to good old fashioned keyword research which is the basis of so many other traffic techniques. I know this sounds elementary but it’s so easy to get confused by all the ‘novelty’ methods that experts throw at you every day.Therefore, I recommend that you spend quality time on keyword research for your niche and then concentrate on Article Marketing and posting on Forums. The best method I’ve discovered is to use Google’s AdWords research tool which is great for finding keyword phrases that are frequently searched but which have relatively little competition according to the indicators on this site.

But in addition to Articles and Forums, advertising sites like Craigslist, USFreeAds and maybe BackPage might be good – they are only classified ads but have a huge circulation and they are easy to use. Again keywords can play a major part.Whatever methods of traffic generation you use, you must have a good looking website so that visitors will want to see what you’ve got for them. I’ve found that as an online beginner, I didn’t know what a good website consisted of so I got a professional to build one for me.Unfortunately, I ended up with a website that looked good but definitely wasn’t in tune with the style of the site content. Even worse, I didn’t know how to tweak it and I certainly dare not carry out any major alterations. Once again the experts had got the better of me!